At Barraket Stanton, we have extensive experience acting for clients running enterprises in the meat and poultry industries.

It is important for any business in the food industry to keep on top of not only legal developments relating to the commercial side of your operation, but also, laws in relation to food safety. Therefore, it makes sense to retain a firm with experience in each of these areas.

At Barraket Stanton, we have a team of specialists who can assist you with:

  • commercial agreements;
  • distributor agreements;
  • environmental and health issues; and
  • franchise agreements.

We can also assist you with:

  • packaging and labelling reviews and advice;
  • advertising copy approval;
  • recalls; and
  • product liability matters.

Finally, if you have a family business, we can assist you with issues relating to trusts, corporate structures and succession issues.

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