The law surrounding the food and beverage industries is complex.

If you are running a business in this area, not only do you need to keep up with developments in corporate law, but also, the industry often finds itself torn between two competing forces. On one hand, there is pressure for greater free trade and the liberal movement of products around the globe. On the other, there are increasing concerns about food safety, meaning that manufacturers are operating under an increasingly complicated mass of rules and regulations.

This means that, in order to get the best possible result, your lawyers need to be on top of the latest developments not only in commercial law but also in consumer and product liability law.

At Barraket Stanton, we act for a number of major food and beverage manufacturers. If you are an agricultural producer or a food or beverage manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor, and you don’t want to pay the fees that the top-tier and international firms demand but do want advice from expert lawyers, we can assist you.

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Finally, if you have a family business, we can assist you with issues relating to trusts, corporate structures and succession issues.

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